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 Not Well Podcast is a silly, sometimes-serious show about being human. Every week two comedians, Bobby & Jim, sit down to talk about their lives and how they're not well. now you can watch us being awkward, making faces at each other and just being sassy queens. We start with one of our favorite episodes. 

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Laugh till you cry with Not Well Podcast as they discuss everything from speedos to public figure titles on Instagram. Don't miss out on their newest episode – which includes gay commandments that some of you will disagree with.

Bobby and Jim have something to say about the current state of the world. They discuss gun violence, graduation speeches, and dumb politics all dressed in emo wigs and having an emo attitude. Graduation speeches are usually cheesy and trite. They're full of clichéd phrases like "you are the master of your own destiny" and "anything is possible with hard work." Well, we're not going to lie - ours are a little bit different. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if some of them were turned into movie quotes! Here's a sampling of our updated and current graduation written in our own satirical and humorous style to our younger self. Only we improv instead of writing anything down.

What do you get when you mix the sun, alcohol, and no food? Bobby and Jim on this week's episode. Buckle up, because it's a wild ride. We had a live audience in the studio with us, and we went into so many random topics. From Jims hog to Bobby’s inability to self suck, this week is literally a shit show, but I guess what do you expect out of a gay comedy podcast? question: "What are the worst things about a gas station customer?" You may be surprised to hear what I have to say. We also sing a Disney Classic song which is incoherent and Jim argues what a gang banger definition is. Its a doozy of a week! Make sure you hit that subscribe button and as always, we love to hear directly from you! Don't be scared we won't bite.

Happy Pride Month! Stock up on your favorite rainbow capitalism accessories and come listen to our latest episode. Bobby reads from his weed diary and has a MAJOR epiphany about his behavior. He also mentions how occasionally he misplaces his phone in his fupa. Jim on the other hand talks about Cole Escola, and how some people's teeth define who they are. He goes off about the current gun law situation and what we can do. We obviously all about pride and basically what we hate about it more than what we love about it. Its become so corporate and so much of it is a bunch of fake gays walking around acting united and now add the corporations but at the end of the day these same people don’t treat the other in the community right and the corporations end up donating to ANTI LGBTQIA+ Politicians.

In this episode we are in the new studio lubed up and ready to get canceled. Was Jesus a mushroom? Bobby digs deep into his TIkTok research to tell us all about it. Bobby also says he could not sleep with his doctor due to his face ticks but also Bobby has trauma regarding ticks. Meanwhile, Jim tells us about how he thinks smoking is the trashiest activity ? Bobby reveals that he used to smoke and tries to rally for them probably unsuccessfully. Bobby got a new weed journal, and he reads us some of the high topics he brought up. Let's just say he thinks there is something wrong with old people and that we are all connected through capitalism, just tells us in the way Bobby knows how, incoherent and unrelatable. Cancel us, PLEASE!

This week the boys are coming back together after Jim went on his Mexican rejuvenation in Tulum. Bobby is just getting high and really annoyed at people. Do mayans have chodes? What is copal? Trash cans for your shit paper? what is even happening! Find out Now!

This week on Not Well Bobby & Jim are back in Columbus and both are feeling bloated from Austin. This one gets heated as we discuss what's happening in Washington and why it's important to stand up. Originally, I was a little worried that it might be all serious, but Bobby’s got some things on his mind, so he puts the spotlight on Jim for their final act in Austin last week. Here is a sneak peak quote at what Jim said to Bobby on that last night in Austin: “ I can’t move my legs”(Jim while standing in the pool and Bobby acting like a dad, trying to get him out of the pool). Speaking of, Jim has a weakness for speedos and decides to call out Bobby for another one of his craigslist confidentials, this time at a Hobby Lobby of all places. All this and of course the random shenanigans! Don't forget that you can listen to the show on all major podcast platforms (and all the not major ones should have it too)

This week Bobby is showing up after attending a Saturday brunch. You're never going to believe the week that Bobby had and Jim has a new "follower" but it’s sort of his fault.Wait until you hear how Bobby spends his HSA money on Amazon and Jim has an experience no homeowner ever wants. to have. What do a lazy Saturday brunch, a case of mistaken identity, and your favorite person have in common? Nothing.

This week we enjoy the sights and sounds of Austin and when we say sights and sounds, we mean it. Everything is bigger in texas but its full of Steers and Queers. Bobby and Jim talk about their issues with the capital city as well as what they like. We talked about meeting some of the amazing people and we are obsessed with the energy they bring. We harassed straight guys per usual and ended up drinking too much (and Bobby having edibles like it was candy). Jim was able to have a rendezvous with a fellow hotel guest, and Bobby tells us about his bout with a bad reaction to an antibiotic. This episode is one of the classics in our catalog, due to all the insane things that seem to happen within an hour of recording. We regret nothing. Oh, and choke me with your CPap hose Dad.

We are making our Youtube debut but things are still being adjusted so stick with us. The audio this week is the edited youtube version. Going forward there will be a podcast version and a youtube version (and eventually an unedited raw version for those who choose) "Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso This week we just returned from a birthday party where we learned how to play a frisbee game that is like cornhole but not. We talked about food guilt, how space started, God started, Twitter, Elon Musk, politicians, They, who runs the world. being Present is the only option, straight bike riders showing up to bars, Bobby went to the baseball world series and one of his teammates' sisters (who was his age) got fingered by her boyfriend and Bobby was in the room, playing with friends, feeling scared in school and always changing the subject, and so much more.