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Gay Podcast Alert: Listen to the Latest Episode of Not Well " Catching Flights Not Feelings"

Join Bobby and Jim as they discuss a wide range of topics on this gay podcast episode of Not Well, including Prince Harry's todger, Latin X, Mormons, getting accidentally knocked up, credit unions taking over the country, Lisa Marie Presley's death, Janet Jackson and Hot Cheetos, the Republican party, frostbite on penises, and more.

In this episode of Not Well, Bobby and Jim dive into a variety of topics that are relevant to the gay community. They start off by discussing Prince Harry's recent tell all book and his "todger". They also talk about the importance of the term "Latin X" and its role in the LGBTQ+ community.

Next, they delve into a conversation about Mormons. They describe what a Mormon is and talk about experiences.

Bobby and Jim also talk about getting accidentally knocked up, and the impact it can have on the gay community. They also discuss the growing trend of credit unions taking over the country.

The episode also includes a segment about the recent death of Lisa Marie Presley and how it seemed obvious. They also discuss Janet Jackson and Hot Cheetos, she does not know what they are....

Finally, Bobby and Jim talk about the Republican party and literally how stupid they are and their first bill is about the IRS and limiting them from having enough employees to audit donors.


  • For more information on Prince Harry's decision to step back from his royal duties:

  • For more information on the term "Latin X":

  • For more information on gay Mormons:

  • For more information on credit unions:

  • For more information on Lisa Marie Presley:

  • For more information on Janet Jackson:

  • For more information on Hot Cheetos:

Please note that some of the topics discussed in the episode may be sensitive in nature, so listener discretion is advised.

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