What is a Gay Comedy?

The reason I am even writing a page like this is to get your attention. There are so many funny gay comedians and podcasts out there that not only appeal to the obvious but you would be surprised if you listend and don't identify as gay. The gay comedy world has some of the most genuinely funny people around. Its more like a defense mechanism that we all inherited when we realized we were gay but society wasn’t ready for us. Comedy is a cutting, emotive form of art. It’s also an effective way for LGBT people to assert their worth in a society that may not have fully accepted them yet.

There are many gay comedians who have made it their life’s work to make the world laugh and think at the same time. There are plenty of funny podcasts on spotify like Out & About, The Bald and the Beautiful (with trixie and katya), Out of the closet (with emma willmann and matteo lane) and so many more. Gay podcast in particular are not hard to find but finding ones without the funny gay names will be hard (no pun). There are also podcasts like “Making Gay History Podcast” that bring a sense of pride and history to the podcast relm for the gays.

So what makes Not Well hysterically funny even though we arent LGBTQ comedians (officially) ? The best answer I have is that it's a mix of being on the other side of the mic and a good dose of self-deprecating humor.
Make sure you check out the other podcasts around as I have seen topics from the top 10 gayest names to gay love formats to a Thot pride flag? Yea, it's a real thing, there is even a thot topics podcast for everyone.

You can also look into podcasts on gender identity and other subtopics. Gayish podcast is one that comes to mind with the way they set a topic for the week and zero in on it.

While they are good at that, we are good at improvising comedy, which combines the best of gay, a little bit of alcohol, and cannabis. Yea its a new genre, bet (or whatever the kids are saying). We will leave this page up and link any other podcasts or vlogs that we love so you can enjoy them as well!